Friday, 31 October 2008


When we know the hype of Baba, Aalavanthaan and many more succumbed to failure, here came the real hero without any hype.

I am in office working, or I should say pretending to be working. I am waiting for a call from my parents or my bava of course for the obvious reason. I don't have a mobile and the only way for someone to contact me will be through the phone in my office.

8:15 in the morning
Phone rang, and I picked the call.

9:30 in the morning; In the hospital
Well here is the description.
Head is the biggest in him.
He requires a hair cut soon. :)
Eyes cloned from his sister. I could see biggy biggy eyes.

Me - Hi
He - Hi maama, how are you? I am fine, but for crowd. When will I be moved to our home? Can you arrange a proper commute to home from here? Climate is also very hot now isn't it? By the way, what were you doing so long. Why dont you come early? Heard a lot about HariPriya, where is she?

Let me stop this here.

And thats he.

Name - Hariprasad
DoB - 28-Jul-2003
Parents - VeeraPrathap, AnuRadha

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cheena (சீனா) said...

Hariprasad is a best suitable person to handle his uncle