Sunday, 30 November 2008

Mr. Perfect


Got an SMS from Sujji asking me to call her back, as she was in my home for a visit. After talking with her for sometime, I asked about Hariprasad. Anu once requested me to ask Sujji about how perfect Hariprasad is. So this is what Sujji told me about Hariprasad.
1) He comes to home from school and changes his dress immediately.
2) He completes his homework once he changes his school uniform.
3) Its a normal behavior that mom sits next to the kid and teaches the kid during the exams. But in case of Hariprasad, he asks he makes his mom sit and teach him. He says 'amma, amma, idhi maathram okka saari chepiche ma', meaning 'mom, teach me this one alone once'. He ensures that he is prepared to his exam thoroughly, and he is only 5 yrs old now. :)
4) He completes his homework and he runs to singing class. Actually only Haripriya was sent to singing classes. But he felt that 'Why Haripriya alone, why not me' and he also runs to singing classes along with HariPriya. He wants to learn singing too.

Good going :)


Thursday, 27 November 2008

Anish gearing up

Anish is gearing up to join the party with his cousins. Few of his photos.

This photo is laminated.

Saroja Devi :)

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Vedi? Vedi? Jillaa?


This is the time, you tried making some sentences.

Years back, when I was a kid, may be when I was 10 years old, I was traveling to some place in bus with my parents. The bus stopped near hotel where people were taking their coffee. There was one fellow who made some nasty noise while drinking the coffee with the froth. Since then I started to avoid the froth in the coffee. So its my natural behavior to blow away the froth and drink the coffee.

I had a coffee in my hands and you were sitting next to me. The coffee in my hands indeed had froth and I blew it. Looking at me blowing the froth away, you thought that the coffee is hot. You asked "Vedi? Vedi?" meaning "Is it hot?". Well you couldn't make the sentence right, but the expressions on your face made me realize that it is a question. I understood why you asked me this, and I smiled and replied you "Ledu ra", meaning "No buddy". Your spontaneously replied "Jilla?", meaning "Is it cold?"

That was interesting to me. You started learning meanings and opposites. Cool aren't you?


Sunday, 16 November 2008



When this happend, you were months old. Your eyes started following colours and people. I used to be with you almost every minute, when I am at home. Most of the time, I remember, I used to lie next to you tapping your little tummy for two extreme reasons. One, to make you sleep when your are awake, two, to wake you when you are in sleep :). Just to entertain myself with you.

I remember telling you a couple of chandamaama stories as well. I knew that you will not understand, but that never mattered to me. I had to repeat the same old stories many times. I also remember asking you some questions on the story. Yeah, this is kinda revision to you. Even after knowing the fact that you will not answer to my questions, I kept asking you some silly questions on the story that I tell. One such example is "What did the crow do when the fox asked to sing?" When I ask you some question, I used to nod my head up and down.

This one is pretty much an interesting bit. Though you didn't undestand that I am asking you a question, you started following me nodding my head. You probably thought that I am passing on some message to you.

Later, one day Sujji chinamma was pampering you, and for some reason I came near you and I nodded my head. You smiled, believe me. Your mom found this and told me and Sujji chinamma about this. We tried this again and again many times. Sujji chinamma nodded her head, you had no response, when I nodded, you smiled or rather laughed aloud. We repeated this as many as 10 to 20 times and every time, you laughed only I nodded my head.

This is perhaps your first learning.


Wednesday, 12 November 2008



Well the reason for another new post on the same day is to talk something about Hariprasad too :)

Hariprasad has got second place in Fancy Dress competition. The topic is "Other state". And Hariprasad had gone with a Kurta, a dhoti in Andra-ite style and a naamam. :) The dialogue is
"Naa peru Hariprasad. Naa ooru Andra Pradesh. Naa baasha telugu. Desa bhasalandu telugu lessa"
This means,
"My name is Hariprasad. I am from Andra Pradesh. My mother tongue is telugu. Telugu is the best language among all the languages in our Nation"

Another interesting thing that came out today while talking to Anu about what the kids are going to study in future. Anu said that the choice is totally theirs. They can decide what they wish to become. She added a note on Hariprasad, in deed. Apparently, Suji has told Anu that Hariprasad is fit to become a doctor. The reason what Anu gave is very sweet.

Hariprasad, once he reaches home, he immediately changes his dress, starts with his homework, reads all stuff taught that day and looks like he is Mr.Perfect. Anu said that he is so clean at his activities and he must be a suitable candidate for doing medicine. Anu has asked me to talk to Suji to get more information on this. Yeah got to talk to Suji to get more information on Mr.Perfect.

Hariprasad, wish you all the best to become our family doctor. :)




Today is Anu's b'day. I called her to wish her for her b'day. Hariprasad attended the call. Nice that he recognised my voice :).

Later after wishing my sister, she said Haripriya is very angry on me calling her goyyaka. She has told her mom (Anu) "endhuku ma, nannu goyyaka ani cheppinaadu?" meaning "why did he called me as goyyakka". Anu also told me that Haripriya is very angry on me :). Haripriya said Anu that, "aa pedha goyyaka phone number ee ma", meaning "give me the phone number of that big goyyaka", well that big goyyaka is me. :)

Interesting part in this call is what Haripriya has told Anu about the gift, her grandparents had given. My parents [Haripriya's grandparents] had given her a cycle. Ofcourse for both the kids. But then, some time back Suji had told Haripriya that she will get her a cycle. Now Haripriya is confused, as to which cycle she has to take. Her wise decision is, she will use the cycle her grandparents had got her and once Suji gets them another cycle, she will hand over the old cycle to Hariprasad and get the new one. Wise isn't she? :)

The other interesting part that Anu told me is, Haripriya has asked for a scooty when she gets into 5th std. Note that she is only 7 years now. After a couple of minutes, she changed her decision and said that she is happy to get a scooty when she is in 6th std. Later something had struck her mind and said that it is ok to get the scooty when she is in 7th std. The best part is what she said after this. She has asked for a car when she joins her 11th std.

Haripriya used to join Suji when she goes to her driving classes. So Haripriya is aware of first gear, second gear concepts. She has told Anu that she can drive the car even today, note she is 7 yrs old. :)


PS: She has started cycling using the balancing wheels inside her house.

Friday, 7 November 2008



Haripriya got that teddy bear today. I called her some time back and she said, "Nenu neeku goyyaka-na?" meaning "Am I a 'goyyaka' to you?" I smiled and said, "Happy Birthday", she said "Thanks" :) Cute

Later when I spoke to Anu, she said Haripriya kept murmering "nannu endhuku goyyaka ani cheppinaadu?", meaning "Why did he [myself] called me as goyyaka"

Haripriya, you must have forgot the reason for this. I will let you know about this soon.



Happy B'day Haripriya
You must have got this teddy today for your Bday :)

This teddy is sent to her with the quotes below :)

Hey Goyyaka,
Happy Birthday


Thursday, 6 November 2008



Absolutely no reason. I feel like missing Anish. I was not with him in person when he is born. I saw Haripriya and Hariprasad on the same day they were born. So planned to send him a bouquet.

This bouquet is sent with the quotes below
Hey buddy,
I was not there with you when you stepped into this planet. But I promise, that we will celebrate our birthdays together, forever.


PS: Sujji has packed that bouquet safe. Thanks Sujji!.



I switched off my mobile early today and came to office. I know that many from India will call me to wish. Oh yeah today is my b'day. And I don't want others to spend money making ISD calls to wish for my bday. Life without mobile is the best. It is very calm. Excellent feeling, I must say. No calls, nothing. I feel like I am back to stone age. Interesting is it?

I dont have access to my gmail account from office. All what I can do check the snap shot of my top 10 mails using igoogle. The snap shot of my gmail inbox includes the 'From Name', 'Subject' and few words of the first line of the mail.

Later in the evening, when I check my gmail using igoogle, I found a mail from Shrisudan. He is the only person in chennai, my dad contacts for submitting my LIC bills to my office. So my dad has his number. The snap shot said 'Call your Brother in Law'. I was not sure why. So I switched on my mobile and accessed to read the whole mail. The mail said, my Brother in Law has tried calling me many times and he couldn't reach. So I called him back.

Me - Hello baava Kiran here
He - Hai Kiran, happy birthday
Me - Thanks baava.
He - (Smiles) I got a baby boy
Me - (OMG) Oh... congrats baava. (I couldnt control my happiness)
He - thanks, talk to Suji
Me - Sure
Sujji - Hi Kiran, happy b'day
Me - thanks Sujji, Congrats you too

I heard Anish saying 'Hi maama'
I replied 'Welcome buddy'

What could be a better gift on my b'day?

Name - Anish
DoB - 17-Jun-2008
Parents - ChandraSekar, Sujatha