Wednesday, 12 November 2008



Today is Anu's b'day. I called her to wish her for her b'day. Hariprasad attended the call. Nice that he recognised my voice :).

Later after wishing my sister, she said Haripriya is very angry on me calling her goyyaka. She has told her mom (Anu) "endhuku ma, nannu goyyaka ani cheppinaadu?" meaning "why did he called me as goyyakka". Anu also told me that Haripriya is very angry on me :). Haripriya said Anu that, "aa pedha goyyaka phone number ee ma", meaning "give me the phone number of that big goyyaka", well that big goyyaka is me. :)

Interesting part in this call is what Haripriya has told Anu about the gift, her grandparents had given. My parents [Haripriya's grandparents] had given her a cycle. Ofcourse for both the kids. But then, some time back Suji had told Haripriya that she will get her a cycle. Now Haripriya is confused, as to which cycle she has to take. Her wise decision is, she will use the cycle her grandparents had got her and once Suji gets them another cycle, she will hand over the old cycle to Hariprasad and get the new one. Wise isn't she? :)

The other interesting part that Anu told me is, Haripriya has asked for a scooty when she gets into 5th std. Note that she is only 7 years now. After a couple of minutes, she changed her decision and said that she is happy to get a scooty when she is in 6th std. Later something had struck her mind and said that it is ok to get the scooty when she is in 7th std. The best part is what she said after this. She has asked for a car when she joins her 11th std.

Haripriya used to join Suji when she goes to her driving classes. So Haripriya is aware of first gear, second gear concepts. She has told Anu that she can drive the car even today, note she is 7 yrs old. :)


PS: She has started cycling using the balancing wheels inside her house.

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cheena (சீனா) said...

Its nice to note that HARIPRIYA is si inteligent and driving cycle

Best of luck