Thursday, 6 November 2008



I switched off my mobile early today and came to office. I know that many from India will call me to wish. Oh yeah today is my b'day. And I don't want others to spend money making ISD calls to wish for my bday. Life without mobile is the best. It is very calm. Excellent feeling, I must say. No calls, nothing. I feel like I am back to stone age. Interesting is it?

I dont have access to my gmail account from office. All what I can do check the snap shot of my top 10 mails using igoogle. The snap shot of my gmail inbox includes the 'From Name', 'Subject' and few words of the first line of the mail.

Later in the evening, when I check my gmail using igoogle, I found a mail from Shrisudan. He is the only person in chennai, my dad contacts for submitting my LIC bills to my office. So my dad has his number. The snap shot said 'Call your Brother in Law'. I was not sure why. So I switched on my mobile and accessed to read the whole mail. The mail said, my Brother in Law has tried calling me many times and he couldn't reach. So I called him back.

Me - Hello baava Kiran here
He - Hai Kiran, happy birthday
Me - Thanks baava.
He - (Smiles) I got a baby boy
Me - (OMG) Oh... congrats baava. (I couldnt control my happiness)
He - thanks, talk to Suji
Me - Sure
Sujji - Hi Kiran, happy b'day
Me - thanks Sujji, Congrats you too

I heard Anish saying 'Hi maama'
I replied 'Welcome buddy'

What could be a better gift on my b'day?

Name - Anish
DoB - 17-Jun-2008
Parents - ChandraSekar, Sujatha

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cheena (சீனா) said...

welcoem anish - great gift on kiran's birth day