Sunday, 30 November 2008

Mr. Perfect


Got an SMS from Sujji asking me to call her back, as she was in my home for a visit. After talking with her for sometime, I asked about Hariprasad. Anu once requested me to ask Sujji about how perfect Hariprasad is. So this is what Sujji told me about Hariprasad.
1) He comes to home from school and changes his dress immediately.
2) He completes his homework once he changes his school uniform.
3) Its a normal behavior that mom sits next to the kid and teaches the kid during the exams. But in case of Hariprasad, he asks he makes his mom sit and teach him. He says 'amma, amma, idhi maathram okka saari chepiche ma', meaning 'mom, teach me this one alone once'. He ensures that he is prepared to his exam thoroughly, and he is only 5 yrs old now. :)
4) He completes his homework and he runs to singing class. Actually only Haripriya was sent to singing classes. But he felt that 'Why Haripriya alone, why not me' and he also runs to singing classes along with HariPriya. He wants to learn singing too.

Good going :)


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cheena (சீனா) said...

Nice to note that Hariprasad becomes Mr. Perfect