Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Letter from Haripriya to Amamma - Planned


I called up home. As usual I talked for a while and then I realised that Haripriya and Hariprasad were in my home, may be for their half-yearly holidays. I talked to both Haripriya and Hariprasad and listened to their tiny tiny sweet talks.

I asked Harirpriya, what she is doing, she replied "talking to you on phone". Aah, welcome to the club :) I talked a while to Hariprasad later, he was more particular on the toys I would get him.

Haripriya had asked me for a teddy bear. Her specifications were very clear. She said she needs a teddy bear sitting and it had to be very small and pink in color. I really got to check for this :)
Later, I tried explaining Harirpriya about e-mail. Looks like e-mail is very high funda for her. So, I explained about Posts. She wasn't aware of postbox, postman as well. Then, I explained her way she got her teddy bear for birthday. She understood that immediately. So, now I gave her an assignment.

I asked her to take a piece of paper and asked her to write all stuff she knows. I asked her if she knows to draw. She said yes and she explained all what she knows to draw. Here is what she said she can draw
1) Fishes in water
2) Mountains and sunrise in between the mountains
3) House

So, I asked her to write and draw all possible things in a paper. I gave her some tips on how to write. I said her that you can write, "Hi amamma, how are you? How is thatha? I am good girl. Haripriya is a good boy. Daddy and mummy are good". I kept going. She interrupted me asking, "Should I also write or is it ok to draw?" Looks like this to too much for her. So I asked her to draw if she dont know to write. She then asked me how to post. I said, "dont worry, you better write it and give it your mom, and ask her to post to amamma". She said ok.

I also said this has to be secret and no one must know. She asked me "Like a suspense?" :). I said yes, like a suspense. I said, dont say it to anyone. Tell only to your mom and tell your mom not to say this to amamma when they talk on phone. I also said, after this call, amamma will ask you what did maama say? She immediately said, "I will say maama said nothing" :). I said, "no no, tell amamma that its a suspense, and I will not say".

She had many doubts.
1) She asked how many letters should she send. I said only one now.
2) Should my dad know this? I said its ok to tell your dad, but ask him not to tell to anyone
3) Should Hariprasad know this? I said no, dont tell him, he may tell it to amamma.

She then said, once you come here, we both will do like this. I smiled and said, sure. :)
I also told her that if she can do it secretly without telling her amamma, she will get a gift.

No matter what is the result, no matter if the secret is broken, if you send a letter, I've decided to gift you :)



Raich said...

U r really sweet Kiran, as sweet as Hari Priya.

cheena (சீனா) said...

Ya Kiran is so sweet as Haripriya