Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Air Project - HariPrasad


When HariPriya went to music class, HariPrasad had no hesitation what so ever to do the same. He wants to do everything what his sister do. And when HariPriya did a project for her standard, its very natural that HariPrasad will also follow the suit.

HariPrasad did a project on Air. He had to explain few things.
- Air (Oxygen)is required for burning
- Air has weight
- Air cannot be seen, it can be felt.
His mom prepared chart explaining these points.

Chief guest and some other people came to his desk and he was given a mic to explain his project.

Introduction was pretty much the same. Chief guest was standing in front of him. He then said something regarding air and lit a candle. He then closed the candle with a beaker and then the candle was off. He said air is necessary for burning.

He had a balloon filled with air and the other one without air tied to a stick. He gave that 2 to the chief guest. He asked which one is heavy. The chief guest said the balloon with air is heavier. He asked "Do you know why?" He chief guest nod his head saying No. He said air has weight.

He also had a machine which is used to fill air in the balloon. He asked the chief guest can you see air? The chief guest again said No. HariPrasad then pumped air using that machine on the chief guest's hand. HariPrasad said "you cannot see air but you can feel it"

Everybody clapped their hands.

HariPrasad's teacher said, "for I std level doing experiment and explaining was great."

Good HariPrasad. I heard that you have been very casual and explaining your project to all whoever came to your place. Congrats.


Electronics Project - HariPriya


HariPriya had explained her electronics project in her school exhibition. The project is 'Match the Following'. There will be a list of questions on the left side of the board and answers jumbled on the right side. One has to use the push button to match the answers with the questions. The project was designed by Sujji chinamma.

When the chief guest and others came to her desk, the conversation went this way. HariPriya was given a mic.
HariPriya - I am V. HariPriya III Std D section, Young ones.
Chief guest and others were standing in front of her.
HariPriya - Do you know how the circuit works?
Chief guest - No.
HariPriya - Battery is inside the box. Push button is not pressed. The circuit is open. Bulb is off. When push button is pressed, circuit is closed, and the bulb is ON.
Chief guest said good and asked her class teacher to keep this project safe.

Well done, HariPriya. But I heard that you were hesitating to explain it to everyone because they were continuously pressing the push button and you were not comfortable with the circuit getting spoiled.

Anyways, good attempt HariPriya, Congrats.
with love

Monday, 9 November 2009

Happy Birthday


Hi HariPriya,

Today you are turning 8. Happy B'day. You were in pink frock which Sujji chinamma got you and that so called diamond neck-lace which I got you. You must have got a bouquet of roses and a small teddy. Currently London is suffering with a postal strike due to which I could not send you a better gift. I explained this to you, I apparently you understood it too. You also told me that the show case is filled with teddies and now left without any space.

And you were telling me that you did some project in your school with electronics and HariPrasad did something with 'Air'. I didn't get much details about your projects while we were on call, I will post them once I get to know about that.

lots of love
- Maama

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Happy Birthday

'Where is the gift' is his first question when I called to wish him. I then asked him to wait.
He paused. I wished him 'happy birthday'. And he said 'thanks'
'Gift koncham late ga vachunu ra', I said.
'eppudu repu morning vachuna-a?'
'pampichethaaniki late ayindi, next tuesday lopala vachunu'
'sari emi pampichinaavu?'
'games ra', I said
'oooo games-a?'

And then he went missing. He became flat for this gift. I then called him again and told him, 'games ante video games kaadhu ra, nuvve aadaala, aa maari games'
'ante etta unnu?', he asked
'vochinaaku choodu ra'
'ippudu london lo emi?', he asked. In fact he wanted to know the time here in london
'ippudu madhyaanam ra, ippudu thaa lunch chesesi vachina'
he said, 'ok', and left the place

I then spoke to HariPriya.
I asked her, 'hey thammuduki birthday kadha, emi ichinaavu vaadiki?'
She said, 'ippudu thaa draw chesi ichina'

I think she has got some practice of making greeting cards. Nice isn't she?


Happy Birthday. Hope your day was wonderful!
And yes, here are the gifts that I have ordered for you. And you will receive it soon.

lots of love
- Maama

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Happy Birthday

You've scored your first run today. I remember the promise, but sorry I couldn't be with you again. I will ensure that I will be with you for 'our' birthday from now for ever.
You must have got this today from me.

Happy Birthday Anish.
with lots of love
- Maama

Friday, 13 February 2009

Letter from Haripriya to Amamma - Status


I called up Anu's home to talk to HariPriya. She wasn't ready to talk to me because the letter is not posted yet. :-)

So, I was talking to HariPrasad. I asked him whats he doing and the other things. He said what he had for dinner. He said he had fish, but he didnt know the name of the fish.

Later when she talked to me, I asked about how Anish is after tonsure. She said that Anish is very friendly and keeps laughing at her. Looks like Anish started to recognise his family now.

Then, I asked about the letter to be posted. She said she has completed all the drawings and only thing left is to post the letter. I asked her what did she draw. She said that she has drawn a house in pink and it has a flower vase in blue colour. :-). She also said that she had drawn many other pics with mountain, etc.
I asked her when she will post it, to which she replied, "nuvvu chennai ki vasthuvu kada, ammamma inti ki vasthuvu kada, appudu, nenu letters ethukoni vastha" [you will come to chennai, to grand mom's house right? I will come with the letters] I said, by the time I come to chennai, you write as much letters as possible, so that we will post the big parcel to grandmom. She said ok :-)

I will scan the pics and post them up here once I get it.


Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Tonsure + Ear Piercing


May be 4 years back I remember having HariPriya and HariPrasad on my lap to pierce their ears. Oh my God thats not an easy task. Well not for the kids, but for me. Kids cry not out of pain, they only cry out for fear.

For HariPriya, the task went easily. May be her ears were very tender and it was not a big task for the person who pierces it. But for HariPrasad, it wasn't the case. I closed my eyes for HariPrasad's ear piercing after seeing HariPriya's. I heard a solid 'patt' sound when his ears were pierced. Too hard.

Today is Anish's turn. He must now be with tonsured head and pierced ears. I missed it. Not just because I am here in London, but apparently there is some 'kula deivam' compatibility mismatch. Even my parents didn't attend the function. My parents went to their place yesterday and came back last night.

I don't have the photos of HariPriya and HariPrasad when your heads were tonsured and ears pierced, but I think I must get Anish's photo. Will upload them once I get them. Till then have fun.

- Maama

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Haripriya was scared to face when job left undone.


I called up Haripriya to follow up on what had happened to the letter, that I asked her to write to amamma.
Anu picked the call. I asked Anu to ask Haripriya to talk. Haripriya said "Hi" and she returned the phone to Anu.
I asked Anu, "Why did she not talk, did she write the letter?"
She replied, "No, thats why she is not talking to you"
I heard Haripriya asking her mom to tell her Half-yearly marks to me.
Anu said, "She has got 700/700 in her half yearly exams and she wants me to tell this to you"
I asked Anu to hand over the phone to her Haripriya.
"Hello", I said.
"Hello", she replied with tiny voice.
I congratulated for her 700/700 in her exams and kept talking about her exam marks until she felt comfortable enough. I then told her not to be afraid if she cant complete the work. I asked her to write when she finds time, if not tomorrow, then may be the day after. Finally when I if she can write tomorrow, she said she will write the letter on sunday :)

Take your time, no worries