Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Haripriya was scared to face when job left undone.


I called up Haripriya to follow up on what had happened to the letter, that I asked her to write to amamma.
Anu picked the call. I asked Anu to ask Haripriya to talk. Haripriya said "Hi" and she returned the phone to Anu.
I asked Anu, "Why did she not talk, did she write the letter?"
She replied, "No, thats why she is not talking to you"
I heard Haripriya asking her mom to tell her Half-yearly marks to me.
Anu said, "She has got 700/700 in her half yearly exams and she wants me to tell this to you"
I asked Anu to hand over the phone to her Haripriya.
"Hello", I said.
"Hello", she replied with tiny voice.
I congratulated for her 700/700 in her exams and kept talking about her exam marks until she felt comfortable enough. I then told her not to be afraid if she cant complete the work. I asked her to write when she finds time, if not tomorrow, then may be the day after. Finally when I if she can write tomorrow, she said she will write the letter on sunday :)

Take your time, no worries