Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Tonsure + Ear Piercing


May be 4 years back I remember having HariPriya and HariPrasad on my lap to pierce their ears. Oh my God thats not an easy task. Well not for the kids, but for me. Kids cry not out of pain, they only cry out for fear.

For HariPriya, the task went easily. May be her ears were very tender and it was not a big task for the person who pierces it. But for HariPrasad, it wasn't the case. I closed my eyes for HariPrasad's ear piercing after seeing HariPriya's. I heard a solid 'patt' sound when his ears were pierced. Too hard.

Today is Anish's turn. He must now be with tonsured head and pierced ears. I missed it. Not just because I am here in London, but apparently there is some 'kula deivam' compatibility mismatch. Even my parents didn't attend the function. My parents went to their place yesterday and came back last night.

I don't have the photos of HariPriya and HariPrasad when your heads were tonsured and ears pierced, but I think I must get Anish's photo. Will upload them once I get them. Till then have fun.

- Maama


Raich said...

Hey Kiran,
Even I wish to see Anishs photo.
Upload as soon as possible

இராஜலெட்சுமி பக்கிரிசாமி said...

Upload ASAP.... eagerly waiting sir

Truth said...

ha ha ha, sure, once I get them

cheena (சீனா) said...

Hi Kiran

Are you in London

Do u mean to say that there are stil KULADEIVAM compatibility

Its nice to wait to see Anish's photos

By teh By i am also in London spending my holdidays here

Would u mind my meeting you here

my mail id is : cheenakay@gmail.com