Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Air Project - HariPrasad


When HariPriya went to music class, HariPrasad had no hesitation what so ever to do the same. He wants to do everything what his sister do. And when HariPriya did a project for her standard, its very natural that HariPrasad will also follow the suit.

HariPrasad did a project on Air. He had to explain few things.
- Air (Oxygen)is required for burning
- Air has weight
- Air cannot be seen, it can be felt.
His mom prepared chart explaining these points.

Chief guest and some other people came to his desk and he was given a mic to explain his project.

Introduction was pretty much the same. Chief guest was standing in front of him. He then said something regarding air and lit a candle. He then closed the candle with a beaker and then the candle was off. He said air is necessary for burning.

He had a balloon filled with air and the other one without air tied to a stick. He gave that 2 to the chief guest. He asked which one is heavy. The chief guest said the balloon with air is heavier. He asked "Do you know why?" He chief guest nod his head saying No. He said air has weight.

He also had a machine which is used to fill air in the balloon. He asked the chief guest can you see air? The chief guest again said No. HariPrasad then pumped air using that machine on the chief guest's hand. HariPrasad said "you cannot see air but you can feel it"

Everybody clapped their hands.

HariPrasad's teacher said, "for I std level doing experiment and explaining was great."

Good HariPrasad. I heard that you have been very casual and explaining your project to all whoever came to your place. Congrats.


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