Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Electronics Project - HariPriya


HariPriya had explained her electronics project in her school exhibition. The project is 'Match the Following'. There will be a list of questions on the left side of the board and answers jumbled on the right side. One has to use the push button to match the answers with the questions. The project was designed by Sujji chinamma.

When the chief guest and others came to her desk, the conversation went this way. HariPriya was given a mic.
HariPriya - I am V. HariPriya III Std D section, Young ones.
Chief guest and others were standing in front of her.
HariPriya - Do you know how the circuit works?
Chief guest - No.
HariPriya - Battery is inside the box. Push button is not pressed. The circuit is open. Bulb is off. When push button is pressed, circuit is closed, and the bulb is ON.
Chief guest said good and asked her class teacher to keep this project safe.

Well done, HariPriya. But I heard that you were hesitating to explain it to everyone because they were continuously pressing the push button and you were not comfortable with the circuit getting spoiled.

Anyways, good attempt HariPriya, Congrats.
with love

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