Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Happy Birthday

'Where is the gift' is his first question when I called to wish him. I then asked him to wait.
He paused. I wished him 'happy birthday'. And he said 'thanks'
'Gift koncham late ga vachunu ra', I said.
'eppudu repu morning vachuna-a?'
'pampichethaaniki late ayindi, next tuesday lopala vachunu'
'sari emi pampichinaavu?'
'games ra', I said
'oooo games-a?'

And then he went missing. He became flat for this gift. I then called him again and told him, 'games ante video games kaadhu ra, nuvve aadaala, aa maari games'
'ante etta unnu?', he asked
'vochinaaku choodu ra'
'ippudu london lo emi?', he asked. In fact he wanted to know the time here in london
'ippudu madhyaanam ra, ippudu thaa lunch chesesi vachina'
he said, 'ok', and left the place

I then spoke to HariPriya.
I asked her, 'hey thammuduki birthday kadha, emi ichinaavu vaadiki?'
She said, 'ippudu thaa draw chesi ichina'

I think she has got some practice of making greeting cards. Nice isn't she?


Happy Birthday. Hope your day was wonderful!
And yes, here are the gifts that I have ordered for you. And you will receive it soon.

lots of love
- Maama

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cheena (சீனா) said...

Happy Birthday Hariprasad