Friday, 3 October 2008


Morning at 6:30
Today, I have my 7th semester exams. But well who cared? Whats more interesting is the first kid that our family is expecting. Anu, my sister is taken into an auto to be admitted in the hospital for her delivery.

We three, [me and my two sisters] had a habit of wishing each other when we leave for exams. Well, this was from our child hood. The quotes were pretty simple-
"Anu, tata, best of luck", to Anu
"Sujji, tata, best of luck", to Sujji, my other sister
"Kiran, tata, best of luck", ofcouse to me.
We started this stuff with some interest and then eventually, it became a reflexive action. More like blinking our eyes.

Anu did wished me "Kiran, tata, best of luck", oh yeah for my exams. But who cared? It must be more of an reflexive action. I replied her back, "Anu, tata, best of luck". But yeah this had a meaning, for the very first time.

Tonight, at hospital
I did my exams with no interest and then flew to the hospital in the night. Luckily I have no exams tomorrow, so I decided to stay in the hospital. Nurse told us that only one person can stay with the patient. My amamma [amma's amma. mom's mom] was asked to stay with my sister. Yeah as we all know, every family will have an experienced lady. When I use the term 'experience', I really mean it. Experienced in anything and everything. They are the best of all domains.

My amamma, and my parents thought that another person along with amamma would be important. Masculine support. You heard it? Yeah, they required a support from a manly, strong, brave male. Ahem. I am the only person standing here, praying that I will be asked to stay. Well, to make this story more interesting, lets assume that I qualify those terms and conditions :). Yes, I am asked to stay with my amamma, not that I qualify, but the only person available tonight is me. The challenge is that I must not sleep in the room where my sister and my amamma are. I have no place to be here tonight. Also, I must not be caught my the doctors roaming. I started searching for a better place to spend the night. I got into an escalator to come down to ground floor

May be 5 in the morning.
I again pressed the G button to get to the ground floor. Once the escalator reached ground floor, I again pressed 4 to go the 4th floor. Then again G to ground floor. Probably the count must have reached more than 1000. I spent the night in escalator moving between different floors.

May be at 8 in the morning.
Once my parents are in, I am asked to go home to take some rest. Wait. :) Do you think I will do what my parents asked me to? Nah. I am back to hospital again.

At around 5 in the evening.
We all know that time is creeping and we are expecting the new comer any time now. Amma asked me to go to a shop near by to get some dress for the new comer.

Later tonight, over 11.
She came out with wide open eyes. Her eyes were filled with the black cornea. And she was wrapped into the newly stitched dress. Her first dress was not purchased. Rather stitched by me.

HariPriya says "Hello World!"

Name - Haripriya
DoB - 07-Nov-2001
Parents - VeeraPrathap, AnuRadha

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cheena (சீனா) said...

Great - Welcome haripriya to this wonderful world - U have a nice uncle to take care of yourself

All the best