Wednesday, 12 November 2008



Well the reason for another new post on the same day is to talk something about Hariprasad too :)

Hariprasad has got second place in Fancy Dress competition. The topic is "Other state". And Hariprasad had gone with a Kurta, a dhoti in Andra-ite style and a naamam. :) The dialogue is
"Naa peru Hariprasad. Naa ooru Andra Pradesh. Naa baasha telugu. Desa bhasalandu telugu lessa"
This means,
"My name is Hariprasad. I am from Andra Pradesh. My mother tongue is telugu. Telugu is the best language among all the languages in our Nation"

Another interesting thing that came out today while talking to Anu about what the kids are going to study in future. Anu said that the choice is totally theirs. They can decide what they wish to become. She added a note on Hariprasad, in deed. Apparently, Suji has told Anu that Hariprasad is fit to become a doctor. The reason what Anu gave is very sweet.

Hariprasad, once he reaches home, he immediately changes his dress, starts with his homework, reads all stuff taught that day and looks like he is Mr.Perfect. Anu said that he is so clean at his activities and he must be a suitable candidate for doing medicine. Anu has asked me to talk to Suji to get more information on this. Yeah got to talk to Suji to get more information on Mr.Perfect.

Hariprasad, wish you all the best to become our family doctor. :)


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cheena (சீனா) said...

I also join Kiran in wishing Hariprasad to become a Doctor